Finding the right electrical contractor or inspector can be quite a task, especially in a locale as large as the Miami-Dade metro area. Miami Electric, Inc. is up to the challenge with more than twenty years’ experience in Dade and many South Florida counties.

We are licensed by the State of Florida to provide a great number of electrical services, including:

  • Site plans examination (electrical)
  • Wiring of new constructions
  • Re-wiring for renovations or to fix faulty wiring
  • Electrical/fire safety inspections
  • Fire safety systems
  • Parking lot/grounds lighting systems
  • Pre and Post new construction wiring inspections

This is just some of what Miami Electric, Inc. has to offer. Whether you are looking to have a new building constructed or are simply looking to re-wire faulty electrical wiring, we can provide prompt and professional services.

Also, our electrical services are not limited to residential wiring. We have expertise in:

  • Single and Multi-Family Residences
  • Site Lighting
  • Shopping Centers and Office Buildings
  • Restaurants and Interior Build-Outs
  • Private Schools and Hospitals

Because we offer such a wide range of services, Floridians are happy to know that we are duly licensed by the state and hold the following certifications:

  • State of Florida Certified Electrical Contractor
  • State of Florida Certified Electrical Inspector
  • State of Florida Certified Plans Examiner

So when you find that it is time to embark on your next project, you can feel safe and secure with electricians South Florida has been turning to for more than two decades. Miami Electric, Inc. offers only the best customer service while meeting all your electrical needs.